Sunday, October 11, 2015

Paint out — still waiting for permission

I was at the Florence Griswold museum yesterday.  This location offers a variety of fall subjects from the gardens with the last blooms to the view upriver with a few maples at their peak to old buildings.  However, there is an event there for the month of October, The Wee Fairies Garden, and the place is packed with families and it appears there is a charge to get onto the grounds.

I tried to find someone to ask permission for us to paint there on Thursday and wound up leaving a voice mail.  So I may not hear back till the work week starts.

It often takes a full day for this posting to be sent to your email.   So if you're eager to know where we will be on Thursday, just go to the website on Tuesday.  I'll have posted the paint out location as it may have to be someplace else.

The forecast is for continued fall weather this week.


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