Thursday, October 15, 2015

Call to Paint Florence Griswold Museum Old Lyme October 22

I discussed stopping the wrap-ups with our lunch group at Essex.  The group was fine with having no more wrap-ups and no more photos of the paintings or group shots.   Thanks to everyone who participated in wrap-ups in the past.  

There will always be a group of us stopping to eat around noon and everyone is welcome to join.  Eight of us gathered for lunch at the CT River Museum and had an impromptu critique which was helpful and fun.  

We have permission to paint at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme next Thursday.  They asked us to park in the lot farthest from the museum as there is a Wee Fairie Event on the grounds which attracts a large paying crowd.  Since we are allowed on the grounds for free, we need to be considerate.

You can drop off your painting equipment as you drive around the circle so you don't have to lug it as far if you are painting down by the river.  And if you paint on the patio of the Krieble Gallery and are using oils or pastels, please use a drop cloth.

Thank you.


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