Monday, July 13, 2015

Rain-out at Birbarie Marine AND Call to Paint - Thursday, 16 July 2015 -- 9 AM

Greetings to All,

Seven of us showed up at Birbarie -- Betsey, Silvia, Patty, Denise, Judy, Sharon (new to CTSA, introduced by Jay B-a), and me.  After a slow start we got into our drawings just before the skies started spitting.  That turned into a gentle rain.  Soon it was not possible to keep the paper dry enough to sketch, even under our tailgates. So what's a painter to do?  We went to Common Grounds for coffee, where we found Jay saving a table for us. He claimed it was raining when he left his house.

Although it didn't really open up and seriously rain, we just called it quits for the day.  Our first rain-out of the season.

CALL TO PAINT -- Thursday, July 16, -- We have a reservation for Griswold House in Guilford, and so far the weather looks OK -- mostly sunny and pretty hot, but perhaps a little breeze.

I'll hope to see you there.

Birbarie Marine - July 2015

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