Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chaffinch Island July 30

All I can say is we lucked out!  It was a beautiful day at Chaffinch.  When I arrived a little before 9, Denise was already set up in THE coolest and breeziest spot on the peninsula.  I chose to paint from there also, situating myself for a different perspective.

Everyone else spread out over the hill facing more eastern views.  I know the two oil painters may not have finished their work before we had the wrap-up, especially Isabel who was still painting when we left after lunch.  

We had 10 artists today:  Jay, Tom, Ed, Denise, Patty, Betsey, Ann, Phyllis, Isabelle, and me.

The Annual Stony Creek juried art show featuring paintings of Stony Creek is receiving Friday, July 31, 5-7 PM.  See list on the the right and click on the announcement for details.  (Hope this post gets sent out to the email list in time.)

Next Thursday's venue is Stony Creek.  There are two gazebos for shade, one at the end of the dock area and the other by the beach.

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