Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stony Creek Waterfront - June 2015

Greetings to All,

We ended up with seven painters, one sketcher and one late cheerleader/photographer for a total of nine. When I arrived in Stony Creek at 8:20 or so, Denise was just unloading her car at the gazebo. I found Pam at the docks, just finishing a quick sketch before she headed off to a book club meeting. She had actually arrived at 8 AM, which was my intended start time before I had a bit of a sleepless night. When I circled back toward the gazebo, after shooting too many photos, Hans was already sketching his painting from a park bench, and Sally was settling in near Denise.

After some greetings and chat, I headed back to the dock area where I had left my car, still uncertain about what I would paint. That was around 9 AM. Quickly a waterfront scene grabbed my attention. Pat came by just after I finished my drawing, but aside from greeting the regular passersby as they headed for the ferry, I kept my head down until 11:50.

Back at the gazebo for the wrap up, I found that Betsey and Cheryl had joined the painters there, and Jay had showed up to chat after having a busy morning elsewhere. So Jay insisted on being the photographer today and staying out of the group photo. True to this year's form, seven of us headed to the Stony Creek Market for another delicious and most copacetic lunch out.

It was a perfect morning, actually, in spite of a little spritz of rain now and then. A light breeze kept the heat down, even when the sun broke through. The vibrant waterfront bustled with energy and affirmation. And, best of all, there we were, all doing what we love to do together. You just can't beat that.

I have to apologize for scheduling Flo Gris on the day of the MAS bus trip to the Clark Museum. I am going to explore the possibility of postponing Flo Gris until the following week, our rain date. But that may leave us without a rain date, so let's see how that goes.


Stony Creek Waterfront


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