Friday, June 12, 2015

Recylce/Donate Used Brushes

Greetings to All,

I received this note from Jay Bright.  Jay has told me previously about his work with this camp, and I can't think of a better way to give a good home to some brushes that have lost some of their spunk or have been forgotten at the back of the brush bin, or any better excuse to go browsing through Jerry's brush inventory. :-)  


"Dear painters,

My wife I have volunteered for Circle Camps for Grieving Children in Maine for the past 14 summers-a free week of camp for about 125 girls who have lost a parent.  We headed up the arts and crafts program for most of those years and I taught our 12-13 yr olds watercolor for a double period on Thursdays and gave individual instruction  to those most interested during free periods.  

Circle Camps wants to have water color at the 3 yr old program at Emma Kaufmann Camp in Morgantown WV.  My college friend and Maine assistant will head up the teaching part and I have gotten Hull's Art Supply in New Haven to donate six Yarka travel 8 pan sets and sixty 5 X 8 sheets of paper to start the program.  Those sets come with a small #3? round brush.  I am hoping some of you will donate a a few of your old or seldom-used bigger and tiny brushes of all types for our 12 students.

If they could be rounded up by June 25, I could take them to the program founder's daughter's wedding the following weekend.

Learn more at

Thanks in advance.


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