Friday, May 8, 2015

Branford Green -- May 2015

Greetings to All,

First a clarification, I am told that the white trees blooming around us were pear trees, not apple trees. And the cherry trees in that grove were just barely popping. So there may still be more life in this site.  Let's think about that.

But with just about perfect weather, and with the addition of MAS painters who got rained out on Wednesday, we had a good turnout of 13. It was Sally, Cheryl, Jay Ba, Jay Bt, Silvia, Betsey, Judy, Jane (first time this year), Bev, Pat A (first time this year), Pam, and a long-time friend of Silvia's - Jean P, joining us for the first time. I was delighted to see Jean there. I had met her last year at a party, realizing that she is the wife of a professor who had been an adviser on my honors thesis at Southern back in 1973. Tina had planned to join us but got delayed. Hans and Dorothea were in New York.

We all set up in roughly the same area, where the riot of blossoming trees and shrubs were irresistible. It was interesting to compare how different media helped or hindered in rendering the whites of the trees. Those working in pastel, oil, and acrylic were able to get right to it. Those of us working in watercolor and ink found the subject more challenging.

We lost Pam, Judy, and Jay Bt early. I didn't even realize that Jay had gone. He usually checks in with me for a pic. A few of us lingered for chat over our byo's.

Beautiful day.

Many of us wrapped up the day back together at the opening of the MAS show at Scranton Library in Madison in the evening. That show has some terrific artwork, which you can see during library hours between now and May 29.

Now to next week. I'm pretty sure the bloom in Branford will continue, and possibly be even better. But this also is the time of year when we get ourselves into Hammonasset and the Clinton and Madison town beaches before the summer access limitations kick in. We have just three more weeks before Memorial Day, and that would give us one week each for Hammonasset, Clinton Town Beach, and either East Wharf or West Wharf Beach in Madison. So unless I hear from you that you really-really want to go back to Branford for another week, we'll plan for Clinton Town Beach next week. Let me know.

Branford Green

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