Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lenny's -- 2014

Eight painters took the Lenny's challenge on a sunny, breezy Thursday morning. Tina and Hans chose to paint at the Indian Neck Garage, across the street, and Jay worked from that side to capture Lenny's at a better angle. Kay, Betsey, Keiko, Terry and I worked in the parking lot. Betsey found an alternate subject next door, the artistic value of which she managed to elevate considerably in her sketchbook. She didn't share the second painting she started, but it was looking good too.

Sally came early and shot some photos, but she decided the sun was going to be following her over the edge of her tail gate all morning, so she did not stay. Keiko couldn't stay for the wrap up, and Tina also disappeared early without touching base.

That left six of us to enjoy a relaxed lunch on Lenny's back deck, overlooking the marsh.

Next week -- Clinton Town Beach. Can you believe it's going to be After Labor Day already?


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