Friday, August 22, 2014

Dudley Barn Studio

Two years ago, Rosemary made arrangements with Dudley Farm for CTSA members to rent their barn for studio painting in the off season. There is heat, water, two-person tables and good light. There is no program or teaching and no organized critique, although we do solicit feedback and advice from each other. It's just a time when we can go and paint together, with each of us working on our own projects -- a way to motivate ourselves to paint regularly and a way to stay in touch with each other during the months when not everyone wants to paint outside. 

For $700, we have the barn for ten Tuesdays, beginning on September 9 ending November 11, 9:00 - Noon or thereabouts.  We hope for a total of 10-12 painters to share the cost -- which comes to about $60 or $70 for the 10 weeks, so about $6-$7/week. Although we already have about 8 slots filled, if you would like to be one of the 12, please either contact Rosemary directly, or let me know, and I'll ask her to get in touch with you. We'll settle up to split the costs when we convene in September.


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