Saturday, June 22, 2013

Recap -- Florence Griswold Museum -- 18 June 2013

Greetings to All,

First, let me apologize for being so late with this post. Again, too many irons in the fire, but part of my excuse is that I went out to paint at Chaffinch I. with Jay's group on Wednesday, and I went up to Lyme to see the Hudson Valley exhibit at LAA yesterday. Both excuses well worth the delay for me. My third excuse is that I shot too many photos, and it took a long time to wade through them all.

Tuesday was close to perfect for our annual paint-out at the Flo-Gris. We had 15 painters -- Kaleigh, Veronica, Cheryl, Terry B and Rosemary all out for the first time this season, new member Cindy Taylor and Cheryl's friend Ellen from Lyme out with us for the first time, Bob VanM, Betsey, Kay, Terry E, Jay, Keiko, Patty, and me. Boy, this time of year, keeping track of everyone gets dicey.

Flo-Gris was beautiful as usual. Many of us who have painted along the waterside in past years decided to focus on the gardens this time. That's always pleasant, even if your painting flops. Veronica actually finished up a painting that she started there two years ago - let's see, I think that was our first paint-out there.

I think a few painters stayed for a byo picnic. I had planned to do that, but Bob was ill, so I headed home. (He is fine now, but it took a few days.)

If you have not yet seen the Hudson Valley exhibit, which opened yesterday, you might want to put that on your calendar. It is showing at Lyme Art Association until July 28. There are many extraordinary paintings, including a masterful still life by Eileen, whose work is immediately recognizable. But you will also recognize the work of other nationally known artists. You will find a number of fine watercolors in the mix, as well as some interesting sculpture.Take a close look at the Siegmund and Sieglinde sculpture in the rear gallery. It's more than pretty faces.

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