Friday, August 5, 2016

Essex Steam Trains Yesterday

What a gorgeous day! The sun shone, there was a light breeze, and plenty of shade to be found. The old steam trains attract lots of tourists including day camp kids; they travel up the Connecticut River as far as Haddam, where there is a tour boat that can take passengers further. Every few minutes a train would leave or arrive, with loud tooting and bell ringing and just plain noise. Ear plugs might have been useful!

Seven or eight intrepid painters were scattered around the extensive grounds. Patty, Sandy, Rosemary and Veronica, under a tree, painted a parked locomotive on the other side of the tracks. Every so often, a train would chug slowly past in front of us, clanging its bell; at first we worried that it would stop and block our view, but that never happened. Ed and Isabelle were over on the platform, with lots of foot traffic from train passengers coming or going. Pat was there with her camera but didn't paint. George was at the other end of the station near the exit (good to see you, George, it's been several years!).

Next Thursday we'll be at Chaffinch Island Park in Guilford - directions in the column to the right as usual. Although our official hours are 9 to noon, some of us like to start later and stay later. Whatever suits you personally is just fine.

See you then.

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