Saturday, April 26, 2014

Madison Surf Club -- 24 April 2014

Greetings to All,

A feeler email to regular painters initially brought out little interest in painting in Thursday's wind. But as the day wore on, several people came out of the woodwork. Thinking we were not going to paint out, I made plans to go in to New Haven for the final sitting of the current model at Brush & Palette Club. But after a quick sketch and color study, I left at 10:45 to catch up with our intrepid group in Madison.

What I found was two groups of two painters who were totally unaware that they were not the only two there. Hans and Betsey were ensconced on the seaside patio of the clubhouse, where there is really good protection from the wind, and where you can have a wonderful sun trap on these days when the wind is from the northwest. Sally and Cheryl were on the waterfront beyond the grove, painting in the lee of their cars. Sally was tail-gating with great protection, but Cheryl's car is kind of short, and she was hanging on to everything. Both she and Sally were infused with sand. Hans had a different problem. He had spilled his water into his palette, and when he went to spill out the water on the beach, his paints fell into the sand. He got them back somewhat worse for the wear...

But everyone had a great morning painting, and that is apparent from their work and their from their happy faces. Let's all think about that as we face the challenges of early-season painting that are yet to come. We always seem to have a good time.



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