Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Call to Paint

Greetings to All,

Yesterday, Thursday's forecast was looking unbelievably good. And then it got sort of iffy. The temps are a bit cooler, and it looks like mostly cloudy, and damp after overnight showers.  On the other hand, there's hardly any wind in the forecast, and that is from the northeast, which puts all of our southwesterly facing venues in play.

The back side of all this, for me, is that Thursday is the final sitting of a great pose in my figure-painting group at the Brush and Palette Club in New Haven.  I had a drawing that was really working until I messed up with a background that was not right. So I would like to paint in New Haven on Thursday. But if it's nice and if we have a quorum of at least three, I also want to paint out with you.

So here's how I'm seeing it -- If three of you want to paint on Thursday morning, let's go to the Branford Supply Ponds. If it's not rainy or gloomy, I'll plan to be there early, and then maybe I'll leave at 10 and run in to catch the last two hours of the pose in New Haven. I'll not be with you to shoot photos of the paintings, unless you're still there at 1 when I come back through, but you could designate a photographer or email me pics of your work.

If you want to paint, please let me know by email.(jghartworks@gmail.com)  If you don't know how to get there, I'll send you directions. I'll get back to those of you who plan to paint, so you'll know who will be there.


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