Friday, September 27, 2013

Clinton Town Hall Waterfront -- 26 September 2013

Greetings to All,

We found a little chill in the air as we arrived to paint, and I found Tom already setting up at 8:45 or so. We were eleven -- Tom, Kay, Patty, Cheryl, Sally, Jay, Veronica, Silvia, Bob, Betsey, and me -- a nice turnout now that we're out of the heat and other agendas of summer. You will think, from the photos that it was a sunny morning, but those periods were brief -- not long enough to give us the light and shadow that we had hoped to paint. Well, when you don't get sun and shadow, you either imagine it and paint it in or paint what you get.

Bob was late for a meeting and had to leave before we wrapped up. Veronica, as she often does, went back to do some more finishing on her painting. A few people shared lunch and chat.

Next week, Foote Memorial Park in Branford, overlooking the Branford River and marinas -- a new venue for CTSA.

Clinton Waterfront Photos

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