Thursday, July 28, 2016

Stony Creek this morning.

We had a very good morning - warm, but with an onshore breeze, surprisingly comfortable. Six painters ventured forth today, including Marlou, Mary Ann, Pat, Rosemary, Sandy, and Veronica. Five of us worked in watercolor; Marlou used pastels. At one point a group of day-camp children descended on our gazebo like a flock of noisy parrots, but fortunately they went down to the beach to play within a few minutes. The tide was out, so there weren't as many beachgoers as there might be later on in the day, but still quite a few people enjoyed the beach and the park area. Very pleasant indeed.

Next week we will be painting at the Essex Steam Train station (directions in the right column). I haven't been there before so I hope to meet some of you there who have. But I've seen wonderful paintings by members of our group; the trains obviously provide a very interesting painting challenge.

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