Friday, December 25, 2015

Hammonasset on Christmas Day in 62 degree weather

Five of us painted at East Beach at Hammonasset Dec 25.  There were hundreds of people running, biking, walking, many with dogs happy to be out, and the mood was indeed festive.  Jay, Betsey, Diana, Cheryl, and I each found different views to paint while still remaining within relative shouting distance.  This is an area that has no shade so in the hot summer sun, it would not be a desirable venue, however, I won't forget the area for spring and fall paint outs.  Plus there's Middle Beach which also has some nice perspectives.

And four of us painted Wednesday on the Guilford Green, though by noon the wind had made the day quite chilly.  Didn't get photos from Wed but below are the photos from today.

It doesn't look like there will be any good days to paint next week, with much cooler temps and a possible wintry mix one day.  So cheers, everyone, for a great year of plein air painting.

Stay tuned for that post-snow day in 2016 with bright sun, no wind, and 40 degree temps for a call to paint, either from Jay or me.

Happy New Year!


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