Thursday, September 3, 2015

Stony Creek September 3

First, I need to apologize to Veronica and Julia for leaving them out of the wrap-up and lunch.  The group had collected beneath the gazebo earlier than expected and everyone was ready to head to Stony Creek pizza for lunch before noon.  I was so focused on the photos for the wrap-up that I completely forgot about the two other artists who were painting by the boat launch.  Julia and Veronica, I am so sorry.    

We had 10 artists arrive on this very warm day (Judy, Betsey, Gretchen, Tom, Julia, Veronica, Jane, Pat, a newcomer Diana, and me).  Finally around 10:30, the wind blew more steadily to keep us cool in the shade of the gazebo.

Next week, we have permission to paint at Bruce & Johnson's Marina in Branford.  It's a great spot for a meandering creek through the marshes, for distant homes on the peninsula, for the Branford River inlet, and for boats galore, both in the water and dry-docked. There's a lovely large gazebo area for shade.  Our last paint out there was in April and it was quite cold.  That won't be a problem next week.  Stay tuned for Monday's posting of the directions.


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