Thursday, August 20, 2015

Medad Tavern Aug 20

Patty was set up and painting when I arrived at 9.  For awhile we thought we were going to be the only painters.  Several people got lost and drove around for awhile before finding Medad.  It can be easily overlooked.

We had a group of eight painters (Patty, Betsey, Gretchen [welcome home to dry land, Gretchen!], Bob, Ed, Keiko, Sharon, Sally).  While it was warm and muggy, we had a nice SE breeze coming from the West River wetlands to make the morning comfortable.

It was nice to be out painting on this warm day.

Ed showed me his painting of Goodspeed Opera House that he completed the previous day.  Would people be willing to drive to this park across the river from the opera house some nice colorful fall day?

Next week is Dudley Farm.


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