Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Winter Studio Option

Greetings to All,

Rosemary and Patty have been looking into extending our Autumn Tuesday morning studio session at Dudley Farm into a winter studio, but the Dudley barn is not available during the winter months.

We have an opportunity to rent space on Tuesday mornings at the Guilford Community Center from mid Jan. through the end of March. The upstairs craft/painting room has large tables, bright big windows and a sink. The rental for what I believe is a 10 or 11-week period is $900. If we have ten artists sharing the space, this would be a cost per-person of $90 for the winter, but the room can accommodate more than 10 artists, so the per person cost could be even less.

If you could use some studio time and a regular commitment to keep you honest about actually painting during the winter months, then this is a nice, affordable opportunity. And, of course, any time you're motivated to leave the comfort of the studio and paint on the Guilford Green during our studio time and then come back in for the wrap-up, that is an easy option.

The Community Center is working on their winter schedule now, and they need to know our intent.  So far we have commitments from five people -- Patty, Rosemary, Veronica, Bob VanM, and me.  If you are interested, please get in touch with Patty as soon as possible at:


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